ANITA MOLINERO – Mouth this hole

Palais de Tokyo

  • 16.02.2018. - 09.09.2018

Deployed in the air above the Palais de Tokyo landing block and in the surrounding space, the installation designed by Anita Molinero consists of a set of burned polystyrene sculptures chained to each other like fragments of a fossilized planet or a spaceship with uncertain technology. In this Z-series urban apocalypse aerial scene, watch out like a mutique "guardian", a sculpture of chains and fur.

For more than thirty years, Anita Molinero has been exploring the fundamentals of sculpture: the full and the empty, the material and the volume, the weight and the mass, by privileging the irreversible energy of the gesture and the improvisation. Everyday objects and heterogeneous materials (garbage cans and street furniture made of plastic and resin, polystyrene, synthetic foams, toys, car components, packaging, scrap, etc.) are worked with a flame-thrower generate varied and proliferating forms. Carbonizations and undulations, open and blistering, effects of crystallization and flowering thus appear on the garish surfaces of these ordinary materials in a tense equilibrium between form and form, between resistance of the material and expressiveness of the gesture.

The transformation of these materials from the industrial world plunges us into a universe comparable to that of sci-fi films that the artist appreciates, not so much for their disaster scenarios as for their sets and their special effects. She thus speaks of "fictitious forms" to designate her mutant works, which, however, offer no more narrative resolution than they illustrate with social or political comments on overconsumption or ecology. In fact, it is by the exhibition of their precarious state, by their formal inventiveness, by their sometimes obscene violence, as by their jubilant humor that they impose themselves as witnesses of the tumults of the contemporary world.

(Yoann Gourmel)