BARBARA KAPUSTA – Empathic Creatures curated by Cathrin Mayer

  • 13.01.2018. - 24.01.2018

Empathic Creatures curated by Cathrin Mayer ( born 1988 in Vienna) is the first solo exhibition in Germany of Austrian artist Barbara Kapusta ( born 1983 in Vienna).

Kapusta will present a new series of works including a film, sculptures and a text that emanate from the artist’s interests in female science fiction and the correspondence between body and speech. Empathic Creatures describes a post apocalyptic scenario, which is inhabited by four characters deeply in need for exchange after the exhaustion and collapse of a political system, while at the same time struggling with this evolution of this new community. In this new series of works the artist continues her reflection upon the relationship of materiality, body and meaning, suggesting alternative politics and agencies that embrace conflict, diversity and vulnerability.

Image Credit: Barbara Kapusta