bauhaus imaginista: – Corresponding With

MOMAK - The National Museum of Modern Art

  • 04.08.2018. - 08.10.2018

bauhaus imaginista is an international project designed to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus (a progressive and comprehensive school for art and design that was established in the German city of Weimar in 1919) by organizing exhibitions, symposiums, and workshops throughout the world. As part of this project, Corresponding With takes the "Bauhaus Manifesto," a statement of the school's educational philosophy issued at the time it opened, as its starting point. The exhibition examines how the institution's distinctive curriculum, with a special emphasis on preliminary courses, influenced schools in Japan and India that set out to create a new educational framework for art and design. The School of New Architecture and Design was founded by the architect Kawakita Renshichiro in Tokyo, while the Kala Bhavan was established by the poet Rabindranath Tagore in Santiniketan. This comparison of three institutions, rooted in different societies and cultural backgrounds during the same interwar period, promises to highlight the contemporary significance of the Bauhaus.

*The exhibition project "bauhaus imaginista" is curated by Marion von Osten and Grant Watson.