Bertrand Dezoteux – Under the hummer

Palais de Tokyo

  • 15.02.2018. - 22.02.2018

Bertrand Dezoteux, in his own words, "observes, as an amateur anthropologist, life in the virtual worlds". From the "animal documentary in 3D" (Le Corso, 2008) to the "unrealistic puppet animation film" (While Waiting for Mars, 2015) through an "essay on the mythologies of French modernity" (L ' History of France in 3D, 2012), among others, the videographer explores computer techniques and cultural references, becoming master in the art of assembly as in that of digital DIY. Between entertainment and doubt, ode to science and voluntary clumsiness, the artist creates complex visual objects by mobilizing forms and very varied knowledge.

Invited to design a work during the season "Discord, daughter of the night", Bertrand Dezoteux transforms the facade of the Palais de Tokyo into a moving territory thanks to the technique of video mapping (projection of a specific visual content on monumental structures in volume). With this new project, we embark aboard a Hummer for the crossing of a desert landscape, populated by hybrid characters parading on the low side. The artist navigates here from worry to derision, creating a world in which we perhaps no longer have our place. As soon as night falls, the facade of the Palais de Tokyo comes alive, and its imposing entrance door becomes a vortex that visitors are invited to enter to disappear in the image, and under the Hummer.