CONDITION: UNCANNY – Gallery Weekend


  • 25.04.2018. - 19.05.2018

Klasse Brenner: Antonia Christl, Laura Fröhlich, Suah Im and Jakob Tyroller
Opening: April 25, 2018, 5-9 pm
Exhibition: April 25 – May 19, 2018

The selected works in CONDITION: UNCANNY by the four students from Klasse Brenner, Kunstakademie Stuttgart, Antonia Christl, Laura Fröhlich, Suah Im, and Jakob Tyroller all create a state of familiarity that gradually reveals itself to be utterly deceiving. Playing with our visual habits, at first glance the works produce a feeling of ease and homeliness. One might, for instance, notice the impeccable tropical beach landscapes in Tyroller’s Land of Dreams (2016); Fröhlich’s mundane, sterile turnstile entitled Personenschleuse (2015); Christl’s Punctum Saliens (2017–18) that assembles audio recordings of her surroundings and the nostalgic use of gramophones; lastly Im’s use of and reference to banal everyday day objects seem to inform her works Begegnen (2018) and Stecke mich hier ein (2017). Certain aspects of these works are instantly relatable and classifiable, and might therefore seem ordinary and self-evident.

Yet, it is precisely this familiarity that soon develops into a strong feeling of unsettlement.

Extract from the press release by Anna Siebold