Daiga Grantina – Toll

Palais de Tokyo

  • 16.02.2018. - 09.09.2018

Daiga Grantina creates a vast sculpture from materials of various qualities, sometimes soft or hard, sometimes transparent or opaque. Amalgamated into a strange and colorful landscape, each one of them participates in this foggy, mad, player and a little "toll" organism (the German title of the work can be translated as "crazy" and "amazing") .

The various components of this sculpture-assembly are exposed in a state of imperfection and unfinished which come to life thanks to the light beams which unite the materials and which, in their turn, will draw the space. This atmosphere unleashed, materialized here by the fulmination of the foam spread in space, also echoes the force of the childish elucubration, that which allows to imagine the construction of a refuge - in an improvised way, from tables and materials available on the moment -, developing a potentially livable hut.

Commissioner: Sandra Adam-Couralet