Enemy of My Enemy – A project of Neïl Beloufa

Palais de Tokyo

  • 16.02.2018. - 13.05.2018

Enemy of My Enemy s a project designed by Neïl Beloufa at the invitation of the Palais de Tokyo, a scenographic device representing in a chaotic and fragmentary way the way in which history writes and legitimize the powers today.

Inspired by official communication, memorials, war museums, political propaganda, as well as current events, advertising and video games, the exhibition showcases the interchangeability of strategies and discourses. In doing so, she plays on a permanent ambiguity between the good and the bad, the good and the bad, the postures and the impostures.

The scenographic device, specially designed by the artist for the exhibition, integrates works, documents, images, artifacts, reproductions and real objects constantly moved by robots, according to an algorithmic scenario. It thus proposes a permanent questioning of associations, perspectives and meanings.

Enemy of my enemy envisions the world as a field of contradictory and yet similar strategies. She interrogates behind-the-scenes the place of the artist in the multiplicity of these powers, between desire for autonomy, servitude and propaganda.

After The unforgettable seizures of autonomy in 2012, The enemy of my enemy is Neil Beloufa's second exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo. This project is a new way of capturing the work of an artist who, at a very young age, questioned himself as much about his art as about his means of production. The elements presented were selected by the artist in collaboration with the commissioner, associating external personalities on specific topics.