• 14.06.2018. - 15.07.2018

opening: 14th of June 2018

Post-Feminism can be considered a critical way of understanding the changed relations between feminism, popular culture and femininity. It may also be used to invoke the view that feminism is no longer relevant to today's society, because gender equality is already achieved. But taking a close look at the current #Metoo debate, inequality in wages, and continuing discrimination of homosexuals and transgendered people, the question arises if this statement corresponds to reality. The exhibition should critically reflect the image of women in the 21. century, which move between self-empowerment and self-submission. In times where gender is no longer defined by the powerful discourse of biology, but depicts in the context of 'doing gender' social and intersubjective construction, the body becomes raw material that can be freely shaped. What does self-empowerment mean for the role of women and their sexuality? What does it mean to be an emancipated woman and how close is this emancipation tied to cultural and medial norms?

Natalie Baxter, Magnus Hastings, Lene Kilde, Samantha Gray, Sarah Maxwell, Sophia Süßmilch

Curated by Estella Vallender

Photo: © Natalie Baxter 'Burn Your Bra Baby'