Extra Citizen – With works by Meriç Algün, Younes Baba- Ali, Zbynek Baladran, James Bridle, Bram Demunter, Iman Issa, Cao Fei, Ahmet Ögüt, Dan Perjovschi, Antonis Pittas, Martha Rosler, Marinella Senatore, Philippe Van Snick and Grant Watson

Kunsthal Extra City

  • 09.09.2017. - 10.12.2017

A group show curated by Antonia Alampi and iLiana Fokianaki

How can we describe what a citizen is today? When can we say we belong to a place? How much have the informal meaning and legal definition of the notion of citizenship transformed over the last decades? This exhibition draws on the imagination of contemporary artists to inspire a reflection on the scope of citizenship today, particularly in cities that are faced with an urgency to adapt to the diversity of their inhabitants.

The composition of people that inhabit the cities of the old continent has changed substantially in the last century. Global migration and the World Wide Web, new and complex forms of mass interaction (social media or otherwise) and knowledge exchange, along with the free movement of goods, capital and services, define the world in which we live. Things such as nationality, birthplace, language, and religion are not the sole defining factors with respect to our sense of belonging to a place or community. Nevertheless, we are witnessing, once again, a re-emergence of ‘us’ and ‘them’, a development that denies the complex diversity and hybridity of cultures and world-views that define contemporary European metropolises. On the other hand, grassroots movements have increasingly emerged and the reality of our cities has bred new and younger, multi-lingual and multi-national citizens who are defined by their greater cultural, social and economic diversity.

This exhibition reflects once again on the purpose and power of citizenship, not solely in relation to the nation state, but also vis-à-vis other organised communities, from the city to the neighbourhood, and even to supranational bodies. The intention behind ‘Extra Citizen’ is to inspire reflection on what we might inscribe in a new and much-needed polyphonic definition of citizenship.

Guided tours on Sundays

Visitors can participate in a free public tour every second Sunday: on 10 and 24 September, 8 and 22 October, on 5 and 19 November and on 3 December 2017, starting at 14:00.

While the parents follow a tour or visit the exhibition independently, children from 5 till 12 years old can participate in the Young Citizens Program.

Register via inschrijvingen@extracity.org

Young Citizens Program

How does the city become your own? At what point can you say ‘I feel at home here’?

Under guidance of the experienced moderator Puck Vonk, you’ll discover a number of artworks in the exhibition that connect with your life and experiences. Through a number of stimulating hands-on activities, you’ll explore your ‘young citizenship’ and your relationship to the city of Antwerp. Through playful activities you will engage with the themes of the exhibition.

While the kids get stuck in, parents can participate in a free guided tour of the exhibition or drink a coffee in the Extra Fika Café.

on 10 and 24 September, 8 and 22 October, on 5 and 19 November and on 3 December 2017, from 14:00 till 15:00 Children from 5 till 12 years old Free

Register via inschrijvingen@extracity.org

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