Freedom is Recognized Necessity

Stedelijk Museum

  • 03.03.2018. - 12.08.2018

Freedom is Recognized Necessity sheds light upon an exceptional chapter in the collection history of the Stedelijk Museum. The show features art produced in the former Soviet Republics, which was acquired after the end of the Cold War.

Wim Beeren, Stedelijk director from 1985 until 1993, initiated a number of exhibitions highlighting contemporary art from the East Bloc countries, which led to the purchase or donation of artworks to the collection. Reflections on the political situation and references to early 20th century art are important themes, together with the suggestive use of symbols, and strategies allied to performances. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a painting by the Russian ainter Leonid Lamm (1928-2017): Adam and Eve: Freedom is Recognized Necessity (1974-1984). In the work, Lamm underlines the complex relationships between freedom and necessity while simultaneously delivering an ironic commentary on the Socialist dictatorship.