Nir Altman Galerie

  • 11.01.2018. - 17.02.2018

Simona Andrioletti (Munich), Fabio Dartizio (London), Maria Fedorova (London), Susi Gelb (Munich), Diego Miguel Mirabella (Brussels), Catalin Pislaru (Munich), Alice Ronchi (Milan), Stefania Ruggiero (Milan-Amsterdam)

Dear Reader, I want you to be very sensitive about this. What do you see when you look at an artwork? John Berger has taught us how to look at the Old Masters, but what about living artists? Is fascinating how often we change our mind upon a certain artwork or artist, isn’t it? When reading a contemporary artwork, what we often do is a sort of translation to understand the signs and symbols it may contain, but sometimes translations don’t really fit the original contexts or the author’s intentions, do they? I’m always wondering how this tricky situation shapes our “ways of seeing”. So I’ve designed a little experiment and invited seven young artists to take part to it by using the exhibition format, and here’s how “I shot Mercury to make this exhibition” was born. Together, we’ll try figuring out how our thoughts may shape your personal view of the artworks on show. Thus, we’ll need you to take part to this. But don’t worry, this is not one of those annoying relational stuff where the public has to perform. Before coming to the show, you may want to know who are the participating artists (so you’re already entering the experiment!). Their names are Simona Andrioletti, Fabio Dartizio, Susi Gelb, Diego Miguel Mirabella, Catalin Pislaru, Alice Ronchi and Stefania Ruggiero. All you have to keep in mind is to be sensitive, as I said at the beginning, and curious.

Claudia Contu

(Pressetext / press release)