Infra Voice – Annika Kahrs

Kasseler Kunstverein

  • 08.02.2018. - 03.03.2018

With the exhibition "Infra Voice" the Kasseler Kunstverein returns to its exhibition rooms in the Fridericianum after documenta 14.

Opening: 08.02.2018, 7 pm Exhibition: 09.02. - 25.03.2018 Artist talk with Dr. Ing. Jörn Schafaff (art historian, Berlin): March 8, 2018, 7 pm

"Language then is kind of made up of sounds, by which we instantly communicate our ideas. [...] Its use depends upon the clearness of its structure and vocality; and its beauty upon the musical disposition of its parts. "-
William Gardiner, The music of nature, 1832

In Kassel, Annika Kahrs' expansive three-channel installation "Infra Voice" will be presented to the public for the first time.

The audio-visual work calls analogies between the octobass and the giraffe on a formal and acoustic level.

Thanks to the extensive sound of the 3.85 meter high string instrument, it is possible to produce particularly sonorous sounds reminiscent of giraffe sounds. The deepest sound lies in the infrasound range and is therefore imperceptible to the human ear.

Inspired by the 'giraffe singing', contemporary composer and musician Guro Skumsnes Moe presents a piece specially composed for 'Infra Voice' on the Oktobass. The listeners are the giraffe and the exhibition visitor.

According to the anatomy of the animal and the instrument, the three-channel work is shown in the cinematic upright format 9:16.

Kahrs' image and sound collage stimulates thoughts on translation, communication and their perception.

Curated by Judith Waldmann