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Öffnungszeiten SA/SO 11:00 - 21:00 Uhr | MO - FR 14:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Führungen durch Studenten (ohne Anmeldung) Treffpunkt Foyer im Altbau

DI 21.07.15 / DO 23.07.15 jeweils 18:00 Uhr SA 25.07.15 / SO 26.07.15 jeweils 14:00 Uhr

Von Maria Inés Plaza 17. Jul 2015

I think it’s the sunniest day in Munich since I can recall, and the Jahresausstellung – the annual exhibition of the students at the art academy (AdBK) – it’s going to be as crowded as imaginable. Afterwards, the summer fest of the Museum Villa Stuck invites to dance along the Schamoni Music Records (Dj BELP, head of this beautiful local musicians intercourse label).

The attention to what is happening at the AdBK has split; half of the local curators, gallerists and museums representatives are at the Symposium 60 Years Documenta in Kassel. How is this show supposed to bring curators, museum representatives and gallerists from abroad if they pick out the wrong dates?

This kind of mistakes is severe. The Image of Debütantenausstellung 2015 happened to as injured by a bad timing just as the summer show. The Debütantenausstellung, intended to highlight the work of recent graduate students, opened the same week as the Venice Biennale. To the Students remained nothing else but to prolong the opening hours and a spontaneous closing event. And still, the public remained practically local.

The “executive committee” (Das Präsidium (in Ger.): yes, they really call themselves like this) misses repeatedly a fundamental aspect for the exhibitions, and that to keep a good timing for their program.

This critique goes also to the professors, that don’t seem to appear that much during the terms, leaving the students to their own course deviation. At least an artists-in-residence like Anne Imhof seems to do a lot more for the students to be prepared to what is to come, as the professors and their classes that don’t seem to fit in a proper public show. But we will see, we are so looking forward for tonight and the days to come.