Nina Chanel Abney – Hot to Trot. Not.

Palais de Tokyo

  • 16.02.2018. - 09.09.2018

Nina Chanel Abney captures the energy and tensions that shake our era through frescoes made in situ.

Nina Chanel Abney sometimes moves her pictorial practice from the studio to public spaces in cities where she paints huge murals. Invited for the first time in a French institution, the artist takes a succession of walls embedded in the architecture of the Palais de Tokyo to paint several frescoes in situ.

Between abstraction and figuration, bright colors and greyness, bold lines and vaporous forms, Nina Chanel Abney's history paintings capture the energy and tensions that shake our era marked by a flow without hierarchy of true and false information, by abuse of power and questioning about gender and identity.

In the era of open source, Abney draws on multiple references that she samples and remixes to create a new language marked by popular cultures (cartoons satiric graffiti, through Hip Hop), politics, entertainement and history of art. So many signs, languages ​​and events that she assembles to elaborate opaque narrations, often accompanied by words and sounds of the present (political slogans, slang ...). His compressed compositions are often made using stencils to simplify the forms, as emoticons do, while complicating emotions 2.0. His recent series Always a Winner (2015) focused more specifically on the tragic racist police blunders, particularly at the origin of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.