Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 – Game Changers

PAM Pavilion at Viktualienmarkt

  • 30.04.2018. - 27.05.2018

The proclamation of the Bavarian Soviet Republic in 1919, the democratic optimism of the Olympic Stadium’s inauguration in 1972, the welcoming of refugees at the central train station in summer 2015—these events lasted just a couple of days or hours, but they still have an impact on who we are and how we live. They are visible game changers in how societies reinvent themselves.

PAM 2018 presents twenty performative artistic commissions that address such paradigmatic shifts from the vantage point of Munich, a city that has witnessed radical ideological, sociopolitical, and symbolic turns of events. PAM 2018 takes the Bavarian capital as a case study: from the shaky beginnings of democracy, to denazification, to 1968, to the influence of immigrant-situated knowledge, artificial intelligence, or the #MeToo movement.

The question is not whether to be part but how and on what terms. And what should change and what shouldn’t?

PAM 2018 presents art in the public sphere, not just in public space. It addresses burning issues of our times through artists’ perspectives, sensibilities, and extraordinary ideas. It zooms in and out of Munich, always taking place at different locations. Its only permanent venue is the PAM Pavilion at Viktualienmarkt—a market that embodies Munich’s charms as well as its clichés.

PAM 2018 conceives its program in minutes, not square meters, leaving the protection of institutional walls. Performances, interventions, public gatherings, talks, aperitifs and much more take place every weekend from late April to late July. Admission is always free and open to everyone.