Sidsel Meineche – Hansen Real Doll Theatre

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

  • 03.11.2018. - 06.01.2019

For KW Institute for Contemporary Art, artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen presents the exhibition Real Doll Theatre that includes new video work, watercolors, and laser cut drawings and sculpture, installed together with a scenographic element related to the magical play of medieval theatre.

Meineche Hansen’s practice focuses on the industrial complex that connects virtual and robotic bodies to human labor within the pharmaceutical, pornographic, and tech industries. The presentation at KW is part of a developing body of work called PRE-ORDER I-III, which unfolds across three venues: Kunsthal Aarhus, the National Gallery of Denmark – Statens Museum for Kunst, and KW. The three exhibitions have separate titles and feature works created specifically for each venue, but share the same conceptual framework and economy, with each of these institutions contributing towards the development of the sculpture Untitled (sex robot), available on pre-order.

For Real Doll Theatre, Meineche Hansen exhibits the current version of Untitled (sex robot) in the form of a ball-jointed, life-size wooden doll. The exhibition explores art’s consumption—reflecting on the concept of art market value and the services that artists are expected to provide: Within the tech industry, the design of a sex robot is determined by the end user’s taste, demands, and needs. At the same time, when you make an object on pre-order, it is already someone else’s property. This association between the instrumentalization of sex and art is not simply posed as a metaphorical one—art as prostitution—but as the art object itself being a result of sexism, embedded within its production, circulation, and sale.

The exhibition series PRE-ORDER I-III is co-produced by Kunsthal Aarhus; Gallery of Denmark – Statens Museum for Kunst, and KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

Curator: Anna Gritz

Assistant curator: Maurin Dietrich