The One and the Other – A project by Kader Attia & Jean-Jacques Lebel

Palais de Tokyo

  • 16.02.2018. - 13.05.2018

" The One and the Otheris a research laboratory rather than an exhibition. It is born of the exchange of our eyes, of an alliance coupled with a deep friendship between us. We present here some of our work related to the major issues of our civilization, mainly two installations: the first dedicated to the manufacture in and by the dominant media of the Absolute Other, as an entity to be feared, violent and bellicose, the Satan, the Wild, the Terrorist -; the second devoted to the trans-historical persistence of humiliation, rape and torture as imperialist war crimes. In counterpoint to these installations, we present enigmatic and polysemic objects that we have collected here and there, objects loaded with spirits invisible to the naked eye, which speak to us all, transmit us coded speeches,

In this heterogeneous set of points of view of modern a visual and sound res objects without name, masks of faces and bellies and movies, all woven into each other, we wanted to combine visual and Filmmakers friends whose steps intersect with ours. We thus produce together a "collective arrangement of enunciation" (FĂ©lix Guattari), an endless "show" which multiplies the glances, the horizons and the criteria of appreciation. This cross-cultural laboratory is still in its infancy. "

Kader Attia and Jean-Jacques Lebel