Benjamin Busch & Evangelos Papamatthäou-Matschke, Point Blank – Reflektor M Digest #06

Point Blank addressed in April/May 2016 the reciprocal consequences of the latest financial crisis in Germany and abroad. The dystopian social reality in Greece was evoked in Munich’s Maxvorstadt in the showroom of a fictional building project.Where advertising space falls silent, consumerism exposes its scars. Whether on blank billboards in the United States during the oil crisis or in Egypt after the Arab Spring; whenever such voids arise, they stand for neglect and standstill. But what if these scenes were to originate from a European country, where they have only just recently emerged? Today, great stretches of the Greek landscape give the impression of abandoned places. Eroded swaths of land are overlooked by empty billboards and construction ruins. After all, why advertise? Why build in the age of austerity?

Reflektor M, the online platform for contemporary art based in Munch, presents in an extended collaboration with melville brand design its first twelve picks of the year 2016/2017. Scrolling down our list of reviews, events and exhibitions in Munich, we selected the ones that we considered the most thrilling experiences in 2016. The selection, as always, is a subjective one, mostly bond to intellectual and personal exchanges that were possible within an exhibition or a specific situation.

In a more or less chronological order, the following projecs are published on the frame of 100for10, an initiative by melville brand design for artists books; it stands for 100 pages or 10 Euros.

About the artist

Evangelos Papamatthäou-Matschke, 1986*, lives and works in Munich as an architect at N-V-O Architekten. He studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and at the TU Munich. Having contributed to alloglotta art magazine, Athens from 2009 to 2012 his field of interests spans between the design and evolution of urban habitats to contemporary art and its communication systems. In 2015 he founded Archiv B, a collaborative creative workshop with Taiwanese architect and designer Tsunning Chuang.

Benjamin Busch, 1987*, has lived and worked in Berlin since 2011. He was internationally trained as an architect at the University of Kansas, Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Stuttgart. He is currently researching critical modes of architectural production within the field of spatial practice at Weissensee School of Art. Treating architecture as a symptom of abstract processes, his artwork and writing investigate complex fields of relations within the built environment.