Proportions for unknown values – Iris Touliatou

The clocks inevitably create within the space in which they were created – the RM Base – multiple dualisms: the white wall clock is fulfilled with marble dust, the black version with a certain dark, viscous substance blurring the glass. As simple as they appear, the clocks contract the thoughts around a conference table that is part of the installation.

Centuries will squeeze between your thumb and your index: This strong piece by Iris Touliatou was shown at the abc (art berlin contemporary) fair, and has now taken on an extended version at the RM Base, Reflektor M’s open office and exhibition room within die Registratur.

Touliatou refers to the enigmatic, clenched fist with the elaborated title, as the Kouros seems to hide something in his hand, as if looking closely at it. But that is not only a poetical speculation: what remains of Touliatou’s research on the notions of original and copy, fading details and technical complexity, material fragility and artistic balance embedded in the Kouros sculpture – is again an evaluation of the state of art objects in the 21st Century. The piece certainly carries ways to think about the shape of time.

Irrational, meaningless destruction of monuments along history as an effect of socio-symbolic violence – just to mention Iris Touliatou’s in the midst of the interpretation of current intrusions and deviant power manifestations in the world and not to get too factual on the political – are nevertheless what is inherent in the artists’ well formulated solutions, just as it happens within the wall clocks named after the round-table that took place in conjunction with the opening of the show at the RM Base.

Proportions for unknown values are two editions that contain no time’s specter, but time itself. They synthesize the impossibility to explain coordination between body and soul and the flux between measurements and values. These pieces can be thought of as the intrusion of beauty into the anxiety of analytical self-experience.

About the artist

Iris Touliatou (1981* Athens, Greece) studied at the Athens University of Social and Political Sciences and obtained her bachelors degree from the School of Fine Arts in Athens in 2006. Touliatou received her Masters of Fine Arts from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, France in 2008. Recent exhibitions include Can you wash the Water, Duve Berlin, 2016 (solo), Now/Here, Franz Josefs Kai 3,Vienna, 2016 (group) In Formation, Sexauer Gallery, Berlin (group), Plato’s Third Eye, Meetfactory, Prague, CZ, 2014 (group); Matter Enclosed in Heavy Brackets, Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig, DE, 2012. (solo) and Apollo Goes on Holiday, Palais de Tokyo, 2011 (solo)

Touliatou participated in the 2015 edition of Parallel Vienna, Vienna, AT and at the abc - art berlin contemporary, DE. She is among the recipients of the 2014 UNESCO-Aschberg bursary and the 2011 Future of Europe ArtPrize. Iris Touliatou lives and works between Athens and Berlin.