Iris Touliatou, Proportions for Unknown Values – Reflektor M Digest #02

Proportions for Unknown Values is a book that takes centuries will squeeze between your thumb and your index, a piece Iris Touliatou developed around the antique sculpture Kouros, a discussion piece that looks at the multiple roles that an artefact can inhabit. Practitioners from different backgrounds challenge traditional hierarchies—professional and amateur, high and low, original and copy, ethics and science, and explore notions of gender, identity, authorship into new ways of thinking about modes of production, collection and display of artworks.

Reflektor M, the online platform for contemporary art based in Munch, presents in an extended collaboration with melville brand design its first twelve picks of the year 2016/2017. Scrolling down our list of reviews, events and exhibitions in Munich, we selected the ones that we considered the most thrilling experiences in 2016. The selection, as always, is a subjective one, mostly bond to intellectual and personal exchanges that were possible within an exhibition or a specific situation.

In a more or less chronological order, the following projecs are published on the frame of 100for10, an initiative by melville brand design for artists books; it stands for 100 pages or 10 Euros.

About the artist

Iris Touliatou, 1981*; studied at the Athens University of Social and Political Sciences and obtained her bachelors degree from the School of Fine Arts in Athens in 2006. Touliatou received her Masters of Fine Arts from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, France in 2008. Recent exhibitions include Can you wash the Water, Duve Berlin, 2016 (solo), Now/Here, Franz Josefs Kai 3,Vienna, 2016 (group) In Formation, Sexauer Gallery, Berlin (group), Plato’s Third Eye, Meetfactory, Prague, CZ, 2014 (group); Matter Enclosed in Heavy Brackets, Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig, DE, 2012. (solo) and Apollo Goes on Holiday, Palais de Tokyo, 2011 (solo). Touliatou participated in the 2015 edition of Parallel Vienna, Vienna, AT and at the abc - art berlin contemporary, DE. She is among the recipients of the 2014 UNESCO-Aschberg bursary and the 2011 Future of Europe ArtPrize. Iris Touliatou lives and works between Athens and Berlin.