Tim Wolff – Black Board, Black Block, Black Hole, 2015

Tim Wolff's work reflects the dynamics of social, political and architectural structures in big cities. In his drawings, installations and videos, the artist explores the relationship between the individual and the group in a ever changing urban context stigmatized by noise, disorder and confusion. Faced with this constant bustle and sense of disorientation, Tim Wolff uses rhythm to structure and organize, facilitating an understanding of reality and creating the illusion of control.

In his drawings, rhythm is already visible during the creative process. The artist approaches the surface almost choreographically, letting his XL marker glide in short but determined movements. There are no interruptions, no hesitations. He reduces reality to its simplest graphical expression and creates melodic compositions by repeating archetypal figures and constructive elements. Demonstrations, riots and military confrontations turn into a swarm of almost illegible lines that translate the complexity of motion onto a still image.

Black Board, Black Block, Black Hole proposes an intellectual and political play between drawing, language and reality. Far from his recognisable linear style, Tim Wolff surprises us with a new approach, using a pencil sketch – instead of his ordinary marker – to represent the volume of three figures: a board, a block and a hole. Under the drawings appear the names of each image in an attempt to point out the conceptual meaning behind. Black Board, Black Block, Black Hole... Education, Rebellion, Desistence. What at first looks like a simple visual statement becomes a paradoxical reflection on further analysis: are they really what they represent? Do they exist beyond their geometric form? Are they even black?

Laura Sanchez Serrano

About the artist

Tim Wolff (*1976, Elisabethstadt, Romania) studied sculpture at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich (Diploma in 2007, Master student under Olaf Metzel). In 2004, he completed a semester abroad at FAAP, Sao Paulo, Brazil. His works have been shown in several national and international exhibitions. In 2013, he created “Warten und Kein Ende” for the Schaustelle project at the Pinakothek der Moderne (Munich) and in the same year he was awarded the Bayerischer Kunstförderpreis. In 2014, his first solo show "Maschinen lügen nicht" opened at the Nusser & Baumgart Gallery (Munich).