RM Basics 00: Human Needs – A publication

Reflektor M presents RM Basics 00, the first printed edition of RM publications series with texts by Ché Zara Blomfield, Liam Murtaugh, Dinis Machado, Anna McCarthy, Anna Sofie Hvid, Benedikt Esche, Paul Philipp Hanske, Cyrill Lachauer, Hanne Lippard, Oscar Santillán and Sina Seifee.

Documenting the RM Basics exhibitions of Magdalena Kita, Dinis Machado, Dina Danish & Jean Baptiste Maitre, Anna Maja Spiess, Ludwig Abraham & Bastard Assignments, Bernhard Rappold, Campari Club, Zoë Claire Miller & Juliana Cerqueira Leite and Sina Seifee.

Human Needs, RM Basics theme for 2016, provided a framework to look at art undressed in a sauna, self-reflectively on a public toilet, pious in a church, hungry in restaurant, drunk in a bar, exposed in the anonymity of a random public that comes and goes. All the projects demonstrate that the incidence of art in the public sphere appears as an unfinished act, dependent on its receptio, documentation and hashtagging.

Title: RM Basics 00 Subtitle: Human Needs Editor: María Inés Plaza Lazo Publisher: Slanted Publishing Design: Tea Palmelund Language: English ISBN/ISSN: 978 3-9818296-2-4

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