Ché Zara Blomfield, The Composing Rooms – Reflektor M Digest #01

Contributors: Lise Haller Baggesen, Ché Zara Blomfield, Ry David Bradley, Gerardo Contreras/Preteen Gallery, Petra Cortright, Nina Cristante, Nate Hitchcock, Yanyan Huang, Sofia Leiby, Miltos Manetas, Tanaz Modabber, Warren Neidich, Marisa Olson, Krystal South

The Composing Rooms has been a place for exhibitions, discourses and artists dealing with the contemporary world and digitalisation of analog matters since 2010. When founder, Ché Zara Blomfield, opened a space in London, switching to Berlin in 2013. In this publication, Blomfield gathers images and texts that allows a recount of what happened in the last few years; it also plays with the format of the book itself, blurring the limits between the ephemeral and the monumental presence of things.

Reflektor M, an online platform for contemporary art based in Munich, presents in an extended collaboration with melville brand design its first twelve picks of the year 2016/2017. Scrolling down our list of reviews, events and exhibitions in Munich, we selected the ones that we considered the most thrilling experiences in 2016. The selection, as always, is a subjective one, mostly bond to intellectual and personal exchanges that were possible within an exhibition or a specific situation.

In a more or less chronological order, the following projecs are published on the frame of 100for10, an initiative by melville brand design for artists books; it stands for 100 pages or 10 Euros.

About the artist

Ché Zara Blomfield, 1988* founded The Composing Rooms in 2010 to create impermanent curatorial project spaces encouraging discussion and collaboration. The Green Room was a programme presenting eight international artists engaging with digital platforms in their first UK solo exhibitions in 2012, including: Petra Cortright, Jon Rafman, Rafaël Rozendaal, Kate Steciw, Artie Vierkant and Anne de Vries. Since then projects include: The Showroom – a decidedly offline program, and The Composing Rooms at Goethestraße 2, 10623 Berlin hosted exhibitions and events from 2014-2017.