Lesya Myata, Vol. 1 Take this Waltz – Reflektor M Digest #05

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Take this waltz project was realised in Spain (October 2015) and Vienna (March 2016) during the travels Lesya Myata made as part of the collective work with ‚The Görlitz artists‘. She presented the series of photographs in April of 2016 at the atelier of Ekaterina Salaikiskis in Berlin.

Reflektor M, the online platform for contemporary art based in Munch, presents in an extended collaboration with melville brand design its first twelve picks of the year 2016/2017. Scrolling down our list of reviews, events and exhibitions in Munich, we selected the ones that we considered the most thrilling experiences in 2016. The selection, as always, is a subjective one, mostly bond to intellectual and personal exchanges that were possible within an exhibition or a specific situation.

In a more or less chronological order, the following projecs are published on the frame of 100for10, an initiative by melville brand design for artists books; it stands for 100 pages or 10 Euros.

About the artist

Lesya Myata, 1982*, lives as a photographer in London. She is part of the Görlitz collective formed by four female artists, since summer 2014. The Görlitz artists are based in different parts of the world (Moscow, London, Berlin) and document their life through occasional spontaneous photographic series.