Zöe Claire Miller – Ghost Pavilion Edition wrapping paper

The wrapping gift paper edition by Zöe is part of her intervention at Kismet@Munich during the RM Basics program in 2016. The paper shows the traces her fingers have left with vaseline on the window pane and two holes the artist left for the eyes of the voyeur to come through and see her show.

Fingers are the first body-parts to have become cyborgs. They react almost autonomously to our perception , as they do to our increasing addiction to scrolling. Zoe Claire Miller is interested in this and other tasks fingers, pars pro toto, have assumed for the human body.

The fragmentation of the female body capitulates in its dispersal through the artworks, yet not as being objectified, but as its affirmative commemoration beyond gender: Self-fulfillment counts as the omnipresent entity within the work. The vaseline on the window panes give as much as latency and sensuality as an organism does when palpable from within.

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