Harm van den Dorpel – Death Imitates Language

  • 01.12.2017

"There seems to be machinery in our brains, developed over the years with particular ideas about beauty and some images take your attention, some don’t, some convey information, some give you a particular feeling or confuse you; and this goes really quickly, when you see an image, you pretty much directly have some kind of response. Also, when making images, there are some many decisions taken unconsciously and I kind of want to know how this works and what it could mean and how we can play with these systems and store, isolate, replay and simulate them – it is a lot about understanding my self and my perception."

Topics: death.imitates.org, organs, genes, childhood memory, aesthetic judgements, population, the fittest, frozen, „autobreeder(lite).app“, left.gallery, Bitcoin, walled gardens, decentralization, evolution, generative art, snow, nesting, sex, hybrid.vigor.bio, the sublime, net.art, in the world, new or different, epistemology, pessimism.com