Identitecture – A full manual to its understanding.

I AM JOHANNES PAUL RAETHER, but this name is one name of many.

I AM TRANSFORMELLA I’m the queen of debris, surrogate mother of potentiality. I am the ReproRevolutionary of Ovulo-factories.

I AM TRANSFORMALOR Cryo-Kali Perpetrator

I am a Wesen of a Schwarm I AM SCHWARMWESEN. CoralColonyHarvester

I work as a multiplicity of ridiculous tricksters, in what we see as „this“ reality, in what we call „our“ reality. I work to demonstrate, that in every „common reality“ the potential for another real is always present. The potential of an unredeemed reality. We excarvate Potential for the real and for that matter we exist here and in another order. This is where we evolve. We arise, we cristallize in potential, in potentiality.

I AM PROTEKTORAMA WorldWideWitch, 3G Berghexe, Smartphone Sangoma, Takkya Tehran Hamid, Houngan and UnholdenAlloy Schluchten Tobler.

We do not come from another time, nor from another space. Our presence is a subjunctive, as we are vessels into potential realities, while we already embody them in the here in now. I am no medium. We are no media. We are live. And live only. We are not digital avatars. We are AVATARA.

Taken from literal sanskrit it means: An idea minted into a body We are in-body-mints. How do i represent us when we are not present? How do i present our various researches and practices? We are di erent from a text, a script, a score and a moving image. As media we are useless. We can’t be understood in linear timelines.

We distort, we warp what we call „body-time“ We compress and stretch our appearance‘s time frames. We grow paralelly, simultanously, organically. In Identitecture every thing and every being are connected to one another. You need to get to know us in our variety, in our totality, in our constructed framework, our engineered genealogy.

In Potentiality we call the order of beings „Identitecture“ Identitecture is our SelfSisters genealogical tree of an experimentally and technorganically sprawling herd.

Identitecture records the forking of potential life.

It frames our names and appearances, assignments, sites and methods

It is the diagram of our reality construction and the evolving organigram of our identity management.

Through it, we understand our process of forking. We partition ourselves, re-produce versions of ourselves, manifacture us yet another identity, A proxy. A proxydentity.

As we develope, family becomes order, genus becomes family.

Present becomes past and our future is constructed and produced as a narrative. A meta-narrative, that transgresses the confinements of cultural platforms, identifiyable artworks, and global sites

Protektorama manifests as spiritual materialist. Accordingly she seems to be a paradox at first. But precicely the assemblage of the material and the spiritual are at the core of her teachings in the Neo-Akhara of Materialist Spiritology.

The basic theoretical assumption of her work as a witch is the possibility of world-healing through de-rationalising and through sensual communeering

She is determined to develope a specific, actualised and technologically informed spirituality.

A techno-spiritual alchemy, that can be used as a kinetic energy to attack the maelstroms of a global circulation of what she calls endo-capitalogenic objects, things and beings

This is her engineered community machine, the witch-constructed world-healing forest, which functions as a ritual site.

In it, the witch organises the ritualistic separation from our smartphonecandyfetishes, while the community is suspended (fixated) in the steely prosthetic device.

Because in the witches thinking, our existence is prosthetic in and for itself. According to her, we lead the life of accessories.

Accessories not of any higher being, but an apendix of a self-propelling and self- eternalizing circulation. All sentient and non-sentient entities are subjected to its domination: The abstract principles, we invoke as money markets and surplus value.

Protektorama claims, that your smartphone is not your prosthesis, but you have become the fleshy prosthesis of our political economy, materialised in the smartphone.

The result is our current non-souveranity as you have become an object among other objects on the surface of the planet.

You are ridden by the horsemen of capital, which are similar to the loa, the lords of death, love and desire riding the believer in voodoun . This is what the witch calls Capitalogenic Possession.

Reconstructing her steely world-healing forest into a mobile and patterned garden, Protektorama split herself into a
first embodiment of a coming community of WorldWideWitches.

She became a Houngan and worked as a SmartphoneSangoma, a.k.a south-african Muti-healer.

Performing dis-prosthetic ritual dances in Maboneng, Johannesburg.

Preaching in the garden of Malebo in Soweto, Johannesburg

She hiked, explored, and preached. She worked as 3G Mountaineering Witch, Unholdenschar and Schluchten Tobel on the Peak of Schafreuter Mountain, Austria (2000m)

Climed the Riedbergjoch near Oberstorf, Allgäu as IceWitch

Holding a Light Ommiting Processiorama in the cathedral of screens on Times Square.

This marked the beginning of her own process of forking (forking is a term applied from open software to our bodies developement)

It started with melting the „Communisate“ a material imprint of a communeered convent of techno-witches. Holding a Neo-Akhara on summer solstice in a stone circle on the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

Schwarmwesen is non-essential, not one-dimensional. They are a potential identity in the form of a swarm. Meaning, the relation of their individual existence to the collective is build to entirely collapse in any appearance. Its own becoming is a series of collapses.

The schwarmwesen has crystallized in „common reality“ largely unaware of its reason of existence, its mission and its language.

In short, it is a deficient identity, that might or might not construct its very own being-ness while becoming „somebody“.

The Schwarmwesen itself frames this mode of becoming as a purposely failed existence along three main deficiencies:

Geopathology – the sweet and toxic desire to be and remain anywhere specific, in a translocal hyper-circulation of human bodies.

Chronostrophy the catastrophic disfunctioning of what it calls „body time“ which is inflicted by that circulation.

Capitalotrophic Addiction – the threat of a metabolic dis-function if you step out of capitalist time and space consumption.

As the queen of debris – transformella generalis – the first version of herself, she was crystallized in white Teaching Caves.

Her research was dedicated to the processes and forms, in which bio-digital capitalism transforms the way we reproduce things, beings and ourselves.

Her focus herein was the technological triangulation of new communication networks, bio-technological innovation (such as in-vitro-fertilisation, cryo-technologies and surrogacy) and established industries such as the global jet-plane-network.

Transformella was interested how she could re-frame concepts of labour, production and reproduction and the class-relations they entail.

As she suspected that these technologies intertwined, start to form mutated sets of global techno-social relations.

To research, Transformella left the white caves and went to find what she suspected to be an emerging reproductive colonialism.

She went to see the surrogacy centres in India.

There she found a global elite of repro-technological early adopters, internet users and fertility tourists, traveling across the planet to get their babies produced by poor Indian women.

She met Nayna Patel and named her the first utero-surrogacy-capitalist, owning a transnational Ovolu-factory on the emerging global fertility market.

She also found a new mother on the forking horizon of humanity.

A technological mother drunk with desires. A machinic and hormone-hatching, networked mother.

She is to be the new reproductive ikon, the mother totem of a bio-digital transmutation.

We have called her Meta-Mother and she rises against the north-western archetypes: Against FatherFordist and WorkerMan.

They rise and fall in the midst of what we call a reproduction-revolution: the REPROVOLUTION

When Transformella came back from the reproductive enclosures, we conjured up a transformellian terminolgy for the coming reprovolution. „Outsourcing“ mutates to „Uterosourcing“ „bio-sexual means of reproduction“ mutate to „bio-digital means of production.“

Instead of reliying on the state to ban and manage the emerging repro-industrial complex, she roamed the metropolis of white genetic supremacy, visiting their sites of care-work.

And preached on its street corners.

She started to gather Again-and-again Reprocommunalists, a Reprovolutionary Avantgarda, and form a communal Repro-techno tribe.

She wrote a manifesto proposing to appropriate the sexological machinery for „our“ means.

„Let’s organize reproduction on a societal level again.“

she said in her repro-communal manifesto.

„Let’s use the techno-sexologic machines for the AgainandAgainAttack on the nuclear family concept.

We want to procreate outside and parallel to romantic relationships.

We want to construct multi-sexual, multi-gendered and technologically assisted parenting groups with three, five or more individuals of various cultures, backgrounds, milieus and social strata.

We shall couple our vast social and political imagination with the accelerating bio-techno- logical progress !

Transformella propagates techno-progressive communeering. Become repro-communal mothers of a techno-reproductive, futuristic Repro-communarda.

Join the The repro-communal Reprovolution.“

And ultimately she forked herself into Transformalor.

An updated, fierce and viscious mother. She became a propaganda Avatara of her own social construction, the coming Repro-Techno Tribe.

An intervener, and keen Cryo Kali Collective Super Re-producer

Invading, without invitation or permit the normalcy cubicle of IKEA with their reconstructed social formation, the Repro-Techno Tribe.

There, Transformalor‘s psycho-realist reserach proposed to viscerally retrace the thesis that a generic activity such as shopping at IKEA, is productively turned against itself, when executed as a group of 60 people, connected to each other.

In IKEA, in the kitchen-diorama-cubicles, their field research was aimed at how long such a large group and a potential identity could shop and research, undisturbed by the „normalcy pattern recognizer“ How long would „it“ let „us“ shop for our cryo-communeered collective children?

Transformalor‘s assumption was, that common reality is a reverse encrypted system, in which remaining inside is default (normalcy plane) while stretching ourselves into potential other futures needs knowledge and codes. It needs a hack. The moment of hacking out, Transformalor sees as an extrusion of a treshold, a ripple on normalcy plane, in which a specific potential real can manifest.

It can be the moment we step out of anonymity of the shopping crowd as a tribe and form a large circle in the cash desk zone of IKEA.

It can be Transformalor discussing the details of repro-tech communalism with two IKEA workers.

After an hour of re-narrating the CubicleOfCubicles they ended up intervening into the psycho-normality of our shopping experience.