Lauryn Youden: What is it that makes Germany so different for art so different, so appealing? – SSS: Sacred Serpent Sessions at the Meridian Spa / non-proof-read

1 What comes to mind when reading „Germany as a site and a space for art?“ How do you experience working here? Are there any benefits or drawbacks, or other peculiarities?

It seems I will always see through maple
(I know this is a strength as well as a weakness)
the ways in which De functions
a comparison can't not naturally occur

I am content with my current local - I never was back home
my only sorrow, is how far away the leaves are from this non-existent shore
forests burn, tides rise and I have only my phone to reach you

I'll be honest, you taught me a lot, and the mutual friends we still have are
very supportive, but it seems you respect me more only when I'm here.
While De doesn't need this kind of excuse, she just does.

2 Which factors are important when developing works, from both the intellectual and the operational point of view? Examples?

Access to wide variety of information and first hand experiences

3 How important are educational systems, discursive platforms or spaces and/or institutions in your own professional career?

They are incredibly important to my career. All of the above have informed and greatly influenced it, not just as an artist but as also someone who runs a project space in Berlin.

4 To which extent have the conditions and mechanisms of production changed over the last years and how have any recent changes influenced or changed your practice?

Having received a previous education in analog photography, I have seen and experienced how quickly and easily a medium can become almost completely detached from its physical and chemically ephemeral origins. How a nostalgic resistance to this can be ridiculous, and that only an intelligent embracement of this present can lead to works that have not already been realized. While this is a basic concept in general, it was still a powerful shift to witness when I was receiving this education while located where the Vancouver School still casts a strong shadow.

Now: I no longer consider myself a photographer and my practice does not belong to one single traditional category.