Michel Auder – Looking at Things

  • 31.05.2017

"If you have a video camera, you don’t have all the problems that usually come with film. Coming back home and taking the film out in the dark, and putting it down there, and sitting down there and developing it and you have to put on some gloves and then you start cutting in down. It is like, you know. Ok, it's cute, but whatever? We just need to do things, to say things, to make things. Film is like… you know, it is great, it looks beautiful, but everything looks beautiful, even ugly things, if you look at them in the right way."

Topics: The Town, camera, writing, ready at hand, wishes coming true, editing, cataloging, finality, photo video film, Nouvelle Vague, beginnings, nostalgia, 60s 70s 2117, seagull eggs, working archive, „greatest poet", fire, the background, YouTube, documenta 14, cockroaches, access, meaning over time, reflexive watching, installation, misconceptions, Mekas, tools, photo = video, Rooftops