EDITORIAL: UNCHAIN CHANGE – Out now: Arts of the Working Class, Issue 5

  • 27.02.2019

Forms of contamination, whether environmental, political, technocratic or technological, are the central theme of the fifth edition of Arts of the Working Class, entitled UNCHAIN CHANGE. The solutions and deviations around these issues point to what overwhelms us and controls us: the capitalist dream of the future. It is borne of a problematic past that feeds the behavioral patterns developed around the neoliberal machinery, that are now responsible for the destruction of our natural heritage. The tropist vision of our contributors generates kaleidoscopes and exchanges warm commitments of an unusual order.

These infiltrate the winter worries that we have regarding the end of the world and the infinity of capitalism, and seduce readers to be their most reckless selves; to dare to exchange sorrow for a tropical mood. Holding integration to be a natural state, Arts of the Working Class links preexisting space with the social environment in which it circulates, giving a temporary home to ideas in different languages, intangible repercussions of art that address the chains we need to break, so that protests can have a real impact on society, beyond binary systems, beyond good and evil. For our first issue in 2019, we have taken several liberties and corrected certain setbacks we encountered while galloping forth with our street newspaper, through the different cities in which we irrigate our proposals for alternative modes of collaboration. Every two months, we produce – with the few economic resources that we generate – a precious object for your eyes and minds, which in turn serves as an immediate economic tool for those who need it.

Everyone who sells this newspaper earns money directly. Every artist, creative, intellectual or entrepreneur whose work is announced here, shares their essence with us. We started the year with an editorial statement in Spanish and we visited Madrid during Arco, we greeted Havana from the other side of the pond, we collaborated with new bookstores in Europe and the Americas, and we tried to reach new streets of the world, where significant changes are searched for day and night. UNCHAIN CHANGE unleashes change, accumulates attempts to shape forms and practices, both academic and informal, that activate social, political and aesthetic forces to renounce capitalism, as it is a cul-de-sac.

With UNCHAIN CHANGE we seek to develop awareness of presences and practices beyond the hegemonic, and this is how our body turns against the contours of its shadow that distresses the world with its opacities. The issue at hand contains academic texts, activist manifestos, Creole stories, fables of millennials, internet manuals, and once again welcomes the cacophony of styles, convictions and vibrations on which our movement is grounded. We aim, above all, to heal the abyss between art and society.