East-West Peace Church

Opening the 30th of April

Construction of the Ost-West-Friedenskirche (East-West Peace Church) began in 1952 by the Russian émigré and hermit Timofei Vasilyevich Prokhorov, who claimed to have been commanded to do so in a vision. Together with his wife Natasha, he gradually created the present building using rubble from Second World War bomb sites. The completed place of worship—popularly referred to as “Father Timofei’s Church”—was not affiliated with any institutionalized religious denominations or sects. Father Timofei delivered the liturgy himself, but would not perform the sacraments of christening or marriage. During the construction of the Olympic Park for the Games of the XX Olympiad in 1972, the church was saved from demolition by numerous protests from community members. Since Father Timofei’s death in 2004, a charitable foundation has been responsible for its preservation. Aleksandra Wasilkowska’s architectural investigations are inspired by the church’s glittering and delicate arched roof, which, according to legend, served as a model for the distinctive canopy roof of the Olympic Stadium.