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Foam is all about photography. Foam is an internationally operating organisation in the field of photography, based in Amsterdam. Foam informs and inspires the widest possible audience by presenting all facets of contemporary photography.

We accomplish this by organising a range of activities. These vary from exhibitions to publications, debates and educational projects. Foam discovers, develops, defines, publishes and stimulates. In this process, scouting and presenting young, emerging talent is one of our distinguishing qualities. Many activities take place from within the Amsterdam museum, but for specific projects, Foam will also approach an international audience.

Foam frequently organises events abroad, often in close collaboration with our partners. Foam is situated in the heart of the international photography community and aims to be constantly up-to-date. We respond to the latest developments in photography with original yet relevant projects, and are not afraid to break with tradition and strike new paths. In this process, quality, flexibility, innovation, accessibility and entrepreneurship are core values.

In the Amsterdam museum, Foam exhibits all facets of the photographic medium, in surprising ways and with the utmost attention to quality: from contemporary to historical work and from fine art to applied photography. World famous photographers are exhibited alongside young, emerging artists.

As part of the cornerstone 'Talent Development', we organise specific projects, such as exhibitions in the 3h space within the museum, or shows with work from Foam Magazine. Monographic presentations are alternated with themed or group exhibitions. With on average sixteen shows a year, there are almost always several exhibitions on view simultaneously. The majority is initiated and produced in-house by Foam curators. Alongside exhibitions, Foam frequently organises additional public programmes for both professionals and the general public.

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