Freimann Mosque

Opening the 26th of May

Munich’s Die Freimann Mosque was built between 1967 and 1973. The construction costs were covered by 14 Islamic states, including substantial contributions from Libya. With the support of the CIA, the Muslim Brotherhood gained considerable influence over both the construction and the subsequent management of the mosque, which became a contact point for Muslim Brothers from around the world. Even after the CIA-operated anti-communist alliance failed, the mosque remained a center for Islamist ideologies. In recent years the mosque has been raided by the police on numerous occasions. Cana Bilir-Meier has initiated the return of the mosque’s foundation stone to its original site after half a century. Starting from this action, Bilir-Meier’s work opens up and deconstructs the formulaic, clichéd perspective perpetuated by standard histories of the Freimann Mosque by explicitly involving diverse voices. These include the personal stories handed down from the mosque’s Turkish architects through their daughter, as well as stories from Bilir-Meier’s own mother, who worked in the mosque as a family therapist.