Kreuzberg Pavillion

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Kreuzberg Pavillon focuses on the development of extended exhibition concepts, which so far can only be created and implemented in project spaces. The special intellectual and sensory freedom experienced by artists and, in turn, the visitors in project spaces is tested in a variety of exhibitions and open concepts that form a necessary deinstitutionalized space of experience.

2016 - 2018 Kreuzberg Pavillon focused on short term open calls that explore the functional requirements of space and organization of exhibitions. Every week a new open call was launched with a specific condition. There is no longer a selection of professionals / non professionals, everyone who fulfills the requirements may participate. This practice turned the weekly exhibitions into weekly exercises in reference to the idea of what a project space could be today.

Kreuzberg Pavillon is non commercial and non market oriented. It is member of the Berlin Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives