Munich City Hall

Opening the 27th of July

The Neue Rathaus München (Munich City Hall) on the Marienplatz was constructed in three phases between 1867 and 1909. Construction of this “new” city hall had become necessary due to the growth of Munich’s population. The Grand Assembly Room in the Neue Rathaus München is the largest assembly room in the administrative building. The City Council chose a neo-Gothic design by the young Graz-based architect Georg von Hauberrisser, and its neo-Gothic façade, facing the Marienplatz, is now one of the city’s most famous sights. Since 2004, the Grand Assembly Room has once again featured Karl Theodor von Piloty’s vast painting Monachia, celebrating the city of Munich’s claim to independence from the state of Bavaria. The Grand Assembly Room is hosting the closing concert of the STAATSORCHESTER project by Ari Benjamin Meyers.