Olympic Stadium Munich

Opening the 30th of April

The Olympic Stadium was designed by the Stuttgart architectural practice Behnisch & Partner and built for the Games of the XX Olympiad, held in Munich in 1972. Its distinctive architectural feature is that over half of stadium is formed by a natural bowl in the earth which is covered by a canopy construction that was highly innovative for its time. It provided seats for over 60,000 spectators. After the Olympic Games it was used as a football stadium, hosting the FIFA World Cup finals in 1974 as well as serving as the home stadium for both the Bayern München and TV 1860 München clubs until the opening of the Allianz Arena (see above). The Olympic Stadium is still in use as an open-air stage and public viewing arena. The artist Massimo Furlan is staging a reenactment of the 1974 World Cup match between the Federal and Democratic Republics of Germany as a two-man performance at the Olympic Stadium.