Sixtyeight Art Institute

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SixtyEight Art Institute aims to develop publicly accessible and research-based exhibitions and events that represent International, European, and National artists and curators in Copenhagen. The organization aims to produce knowledge-intensive products that foment and diffuse leading and cutting-edge research coming from artists and curators. For this reason, SixtyEight Art Institute aims to focus on curatorial and artistic experiments that map new roads in favor of innovation in both culture and art, to help advance the role of the arts in this new century. In order to achieve this, the Institute supports cross-regional and cross-institutional models for knowledge and resource-sharing by exploring and defining the sustainability of exhibition-making practices. SixtyEight Art Institute as a non-profit arts organization is also a non-partisan group that supports the free speech of artists and curators and their research projects. To this end, the Institute’s advocacy is for the role of art and culture for the city through democratic and open models for creativity.


SixtyEight Art Institute is a non-profit art institute which focuses on giving artistic and curatorial talents the opportunity to imagine and present new exhibition-making possibilities, and asks how these can intersect with other institutions and organisations. The institute is dedicated to strengthening the independent and practical approach to artistic production through its programme and the events at our physical exhibition space for contemporary art in the centre of Copenhagen. The institute dedicates part of its annual programme to exhibitions planned by external curators and artists, which are supplemented by a public programme, seminars and publications with peers and scholars connected to the research topics and agendas in the exhibition programme. SixtyEight Art Institute’s programme aims to consider the connections between Nordic, European and International developments within curatorial and artistic research and how these intersect with contemporary sociology, science, literature and philosophy. SixtyEight Art Institute is an intimate space, both in terms of the way audiences meet with art and the ideas it generates, and in the way the institute works closely with partners and focuses on co-productions. SixtyEight Art Institute works primarly with artists and curators who base their practice on research. With this in mind (and at a fundamental level) SixtyEight Art Institute will be working as an independent space dedicated to making a difference to and having an impact on issues of diversity, creative exchange and artistic development.