A Vocabulary of Revolutionary Gestures - Beyond the NO / A beginning of something - BRONXX – wild recuperations. material from below

Wild recuperations. material from below

Archiv der DDR-Opposition und Haus 22 – Stasizentrale. Campus für Demokratie

** 4 pm A Vocabulary of Revolutionary Gestures Exhibition conversation with Elske Rosenfeld and Wolfgang Templin. The video reworks footage in which three protagonists attempt to make their experience of the Round Table (revolutionary council into a campaign commercial for the elections one year later.

** 6 pm Beyond the NO / A beginning of something Round table about the revolution of 1989/90 and its aftermath. The discussion addresses its political and (sub-)cultural forms and radical democratic practices, and their re-appropration in the present. With Max Hertzberg, Henrike Naumann, Nadia Tsulukidze, Elsa Westreicher, Kai Ziegner, and others moderated by Suza Husse & Elske Rosenfeld.

** 8 pm BRONXX Performance by Technosekte + Henrike Naumann An attempt to create an alternative system of communication for speaking about the Stasi and the opposition through the means of experimental music.