Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 – The 9th Futurological Congress - Julieta Aranda & Mareike Dittmer

Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 / Game Changers

For the past months, we have witnessed the present making a clown out of itself—between impossible political candidates and leaders, the rise of a global right, climate-change deniers, and a worldwide anti-intellectual sentiment, it is hard to take the present seriously, and we have caught ourselves double-checking to make sure that we are not reading news satire, only to realize that the information is coming from reputable sources.

Instead of keeping a temporality where the present and the past influence the future, we want to switch things around and have the future influence the present. It is hard work to think about the future! One must resist the temptation of making grandiose blanket statements that sum up the future’s totality in a couple of sentences. Also, one must not be a colonizer. We live in a finite system; we have run out of planetary space and exhausted our resources, so we have the tendency to expand in time. The question is: How can we think about time without colonizing the future?

The 9th Futurological Congress, inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s 1971 science-fiction novel, convenes at the Munich planetarium on a June night, with context-specific interventions including performance, theory, art, and music for the stars. It acts as a moment to imagine a multiplicity of futures —animal, polysemic, astronomical, indigenous, aquatic, and post-planetary—that are interwoven and do not only revolve around us humans.