BNP Paribas Chamber Music Series

With an unusual formation, gathering violin, double bass, piano and vibraphone, the Escualo Ensemble is dedicated to exploring tango with sophisticated arrangements and interpretations. The group consists of OSESP musicians Claudio Torezan (double bass) and Rubén Zúñiga (vibraphone), plus guest musicians Daniel Grajew (piano) and Amanda Martins (violin). Closing out the BNP Paribas Chamber Music Series, the group will present a special repertoire of contemporary tango, with pieces by iconic composers of the genre such as ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (Escualo, Milonga en Re, and Zum); OSVALDO FRESEDO (Mi Viejo Reloj); DANIEL GRAJEW (Milonga Cuera); DIEGO SCHISSI (Astor de Pibe); OSVALDO PUGLIESE (Negracha); LEOPOLDO FEDERICO (Cabulero); and HORACIO SALGÁN (A fuego lento).

Place: Pina Luz, Átrio – 2º andar Free admission; tickets can be picked up 30 minutes before the concert.