Group show at Ballarò – EXILE X summer camp

MAY THE BRIDGES I BURN LIGHT THE WAY – Manifesta 12 5X5X5 Collaterals

feat. Albrecht Pischel, Elmar Mellert, Federico del Vecchio, Iris Touliatou, Kinga Kielczynska, Lauryn Youden, Nschotschi Haslinger, Paul Sochacki, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, Sarah Lehnerer, Zöe Claire Miller

Info point

at Torre di San Nicolò

Line up

⚡ Utopian Union Year One ( 1 ) 6 - 8 pm
Publication, CREAMCAKE mixtape launch and aperitivo

⚡ The Flaming Spirit Bar 6 - 8 pm
Drinks by Iris Touliatou
Serving a Sicilian fennel spirit, the bar is inspired by the history of Prometheus bringing fire to humanity in a fennel stalk.

⚡ Ongoing audio intervention in city taxis
Conversation Piece s01e02 Elevator Pitch by Ayami Awazuhara & Christopher Burman / CALL : Cooperativa Autoradio Taxi Palermo 0039 91 8481


Ayami Awazuhara often deals with everyday objects across a wide range of media. A stone or an orange can become a starting point for her re ections on systems of classi cation as well as their impact on design and our world experience. These turn into installations, artist’s books, as well as in performances and sound pieces by means of which she introduces the phenomena considered into communicative situations.

Christopher Burman explores the politics of technology and digital production, probing the ows of information and complex networks in which we are all entangled. His work is led by research into the links between neuroscience, machine learning, sensory deprivation, hypnotic and meditative states, visualization, self-help and productivity.

Albrecht Pischel is interested in the definition of a new internationality and its ghosts. Most of his works behave as representing signi ers of the medium of the art exhibition itself, oscillating between the disarming of symbols of colonialism and alienation. He lives and works as an artist between Berlin and Bangkok, his practice includes installation, photography, film, sound, ready-mades and performance.

Elmar Mellert creates spatial settings that critically re ect on political actions and how identity is shaped by them. The question thereby is in which sense dissident political strategies and activities are co-opted by an existing authoritative system and what agency they have. Mellert’s work sketches a political spirit in crisis. Mellert works as artist, curator and DJ based in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2015 he co-directed the non-commercial exhibition and project space Palermo. Currently he is the recipient of a grant from Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and was a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2017.

Federico del Vecchio lives and works between his hometown Naples and the world. Del Vecchio is an artist and co-curator of ip project space, a collaborative project for critical experimentation. He attended the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main and a Masters in Fine Art at The Glasgow School of Art. He recently took part of CuratorLab at Konstfack Stockholm, a curatorial course for professionals in Arts, Crafts, Design & Architecture, directed by Joanna Warsza in collaboration with Tensta Konsthall.

Iris Touliatou is set to conquer, dissect and photograph the world. With the eye of an anthropologist, she questions urban structures, may they be physical, symbolic, metaphysic or imaginary. She scrutinously inspects and deconstructs myths of modernism and the fantasy of progress.

Kinga Kielczynska is a visual artist and environmental activist. She often exhibits her work outside of the gallery context, past locations include a nudist beach, a nightclub and a forest. In 2009 she challenged the paradigm of art making by writing a ‘Reductionist Art Manifesto’ which playfully proclaimed the idea of reduction instead of production. Recent projects are centered around the con ict related to the Bialowieza primeval forest in Poland, her country of origin.

Lauryn Youden is a Canadian artist based in Berlin whose practice is a methodology of performative ceremonies. The objects, installations and writings comprising her worker both the traces left behind from these actions as well as tools for providing self- care. These derive from Youden’s lifelong navigation through modern western medicine and alternative healing practices for the treatment of her own mental illnesses.

Nschotschi Haslinger works on unruly goods and tries to revive forms in extinction. In escapist scenarios, her gures are listening to the cacophony of coming possibilitiesto escape the loss of the mythological and humanitarian self. Haslinger has received the scholarship Stiftung Kunstfonds. She has exhibited at Kunstverein Kjubh, Kunsthalle St. Annen and Marta Herford, Germany.

Paul Sochacki lives and works in Berlin, Hamburg and Ustrzyki Dolne. He paints and works around metaphors for the struggle of self-determination, that existential exercise that paves the consciences of our time. Facing comfort can be an encounter of high gravity for him – and of great boredom. Among other many many things, he is founder of the street newspaper ‘Arts of the Working Class’, together with María Inés Plaza Lazo.

Sarah Lehnerer artistic work fuzzes around socio-cultural transformations and identity politics under the signs of the digital, with a special focus on the genre of auto ction and along with this on subjectivity, identity, reality, fiction and the female gaze. She works in cycles, in which groups of works are gathered under a headline – a chapter – that contains video works and “music videos”, prints, paintings, sculptures but also zines. She is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, and has been part of international projects including events such as at State of Concept in Athens, mumok in Vienna, ZKM in Karlsruhe or Kunstverein Göttingen or with the ongoing collaborative platform khybrid.

Sara Løve Daðadóttir works within the intersection of education, arts and politics. In 2009-10 she took part in developing the national assembly in Iceland which functioned as a crowd sourcing platform for democracy and later the constitution. She is the co-founder of Berlin based collective Utopian Union, which organizes socio-political interventions. She has recently taken part in Screen City Biennial and Cycle Music & Art Festival.

Utopian Union is a collective focused on non-institutional learning, interdisciplinary collaboration and artistic practice. Utopian Union uses art as a space for the imaginary, where new aesthetics, cultural movements and models can be developed. Utopian Union gathers academics, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs, scientists, students, activists and others who share a desire for new perspectives and utopias. Utopian Union was founded in Berlin by Tea Palmelund, Zoë Claire Miller and Sara Løve Daðadóttir in 2015.

Zoë Claire Miller is an artist, curator and organizer who lives and works in Berlin. She co-founded the Berlin Art Prize, is speaker of the board at the bbk berlin (Berlin artists’ union), and has most recently exhibited at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin; Kunsthaus Erfurt, and ngbk Berlin.