Group show at Cre.Zi Plus – EXILE X summer camp

MAY THE BRIDGES I BURN LIGHT THE WAY – Manifesta 12 5x5x5 Collateral Events

EXILE X summer camp at Cre.Zi Plus


5 X 5 X 5

Free entry / Everybody welcome

May the bridges I burn light the way is a temporary exhibition that creates face-to-face conversations between social activism, art practices and Palermo’s socio-cultural realities. Departing point is the exploitation of the self for marketing purposes or as alibi for personal intentions, as sometimes in the #metoo debate or the current rise of populism.

May the bridges I burn light the way evolves through conversations, screenings and performative interventions at Cre.Zi Plus, a daily changing group exhibition at Ballaró Market, and the distribution of the street newspaper ‘Arts of the Working Class‘, a tool of integration between the citizens of Palermo and art professionals arriving to reflect on arts and society during the opening days of Manifesta 12.

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⚡ Breaking the Hortus Conclusus: Colonialism and Classification 11 am - 1 pm
Talk between Angels Miralda Tena, Dietrich Meyer and Nicholas Johnson Conversation moderated by Alina Kolar

In an abandoned structure the plants take root. Branches crack the windows letting in the elements and creating their own environment within a previously isolated zone for human habitation. In his newest project, Dietrich Meyer examines abandoned shopping malls, symbols of a bygone commercial af uence. Taking recent concepts of colonialism and scientific classification to extend from the human to plant population, structures of control will be analyzed within this talk, to the effect of constant evolution and evasiveness of identity and territory. The conversation will take the form of an open discussion, inviting artists and participants to break down the structure of the talk into a spiraling discussion.