EL ANATSUI – Field trip Insights

Founded in 1981 by the cultural scholar Ulli Beier and the artist Georgina Beier, Iwalewahaus in Bayreuth is one of the few discursive places for African modernism and museology worldwide. Iwalewa literally means “character is beauty,” which is also the institution’s credo.

With exhibitions, events, artist residencies and research and teaching activities, Iwalewahaus promotes undisciplined encounters with art and artists, aesthetics, as well as academic- and everyday (high-low) culture. The center’s highlight is its collection of nearly 1200 works of fine art and popular culture from Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim, which is unique in Germany. Its music and video archive features contemporary African music and video film productions from Nigeria and Ghana.

As part of the exhibition “El Anatsui: Triumphant Scale,” which includes loans from the Iwalewahaus, Haus der Kunst has organized an excursion to Bayreuth. Participants will be given a guided tour through the current exhibition, “Feedback: Art, Africa and the 1980s,” which takes a historical and contemporary look at the 1980s in Africa. Following the tour, Nadine Siegert, deputy director of Iwalewahaus, will provide exclusive insights into the collection depots. The excursion is organized by Sabine Brantl, Archive and Director Educational Programs at Haus der Kunst.

Participant numbers are limited; for more information and registration, please visit: archiv@hausderkunst.de