68th Berlinale – A Movie

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Bruce Conner’s A Movie stands as one of the classics of found footage filmmaking and North American avant-garde filmmaking in general. The film is composed of footage taken from newsreel clips, softcore pornography, and B-movies, and is set to Ottorino Respighi’s tone poem “Pines of Rome”. “Since there was a movie I wanted to see, and didn’t see it being made, I decided it had to be my job to make it. And absolutely nothing was being taught in schools how to make films. I couldn’t take a class in filmmaking. I had to invent my own ways of making movies. All I could learn was how to glue one piece of film to another. A Movie was made in the most primitive film editing process that is possible. You just glue it together. I had no work print, synchronizer, moviola, sound reader. I had none of the technical tools that beginning film students use today. I had never even heard of most of these technical tools. Although A Movie is being used today – and had been used since it was completed in 1957 – in teaching film classes, the way I made A Movie is not the way anybody is ever taught how to make films.”

by Bruce Conner

USA 1958

Without dialogue

12 min · Black/White · 16 mm