Talk – Is my art professor a terrorist?

Dan Mitchell

  • 19:00 - 22:00 Uhr
  • 08.06.2015
  • Behind the Green Door im Kunstverein München

Separating those governed from their political power to act is what the police are about whenever they try to “isolate the violent ones” at the end of a righteous demonstration. Nothing is more effective for crushing an insurrection than causing a split within the insurgent mass between an innocent or vaguely consenting population and its vanguard, who are militarized, hence minoritarian, usually clandestine, and soon to be “terrorist.”

The Invisible Committee, To Our Friends, Semiotext(E) 2014

Dear Avid Fans,

Yes we are living in the era of mass insanity. Yes we are scared. Will we lie down and take it? Well some will and some say:


And others will clamour for yet another gallery show, and seek to 'boost' themselves above their friends…

(Dan Mitchell)