Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 – Maria Lind - My Munich Years Followed by a discussion with Chris Fitzpatrick & Joanna Warsza

Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 / Game Changers

Maria Lind was the first female director in the history of Munich Kunstverein ( in the years 2002 to 2004. This period is remembered as experimental and challenging. At the same time, today it is considered a key example of New Institutionalism. Maria Lind and her team (Sören Grammel and Katharina Schlieben, among others) introduced a series of curatorial, educational, discursive and administrative institutional practices in a challenging way. For example, they invited artists, curators, and critics to be sputniks, engaging with the institution in various ways to test what an institution for contemporary art could and should be. Maria Lind returns to Munich and looks back both at her time in the city, reflecting on the past, present and future of art institutions and their public mission at large.