Finissage – Mollusk Theory: Soft Bodies

May the bridges I burn light the way – Performance by Madison Bycroft

  • 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr
  • 11.08.2018
  • Exile

Madison Bycroft collects a series of citations, to accompany the performance Mollusk Theory, Soft Bodies. The body of the artist is doubled here on paper - bodies with soft edges. Both open themselves, moving to the side, dragging themselves away from a centre and look to an elsewhere to be filled. They perform a corporal mediumship, and present themselves as a “lecturer”, where the pedagogue performs absence. Thus this contribution privileges sixteen allies, whom have been elected (lecture: from gather, pick, choose) for the avenues they offer in understanding molluskian thought.

As he swam, he pursued a sort of revery in which he confused himself with the sea.. The intoxication of leaving himself in the thought of water, made him forget every discomfort.. What escape was there? To struggle in order not to be carried away by the wave which was his arm? Maurice Blanchot - Thomas the Obscure

The experiencing subject is affected by “something”” beyond all that it can objectively comprehend, something engendering affects that it cannot account for nor even be sure are its own. This entails a sort of belief in, or an openness to something — that is, to something or other that is surely no thing — that cannot be said and that refuses itself to every desire for expression.. William Franke - On What Cannot Be Said

When I close my eyes the passage opens, the dark gorge, I descend. Or rather there is descent: I entrust myself to the primitive space, I do not resist the forces that carry me off. Hélène Cixous - Writing Blind, �Conversations with the Donkey

I define the Neutral as that which outplays the paradigm, or rather I call Neutral everything that baffes the paradigm. The paradigm, what is that? It’s the opposition of two virtual terms from which, in speaking, I actualize one to produce meaning… to choose one and refuse the other is always a sacrifice made to meaning, to produce meaning, to offer it to be consumed. ��Everything about the Neutral is about sidestepping assertion… ways of sidestepping affirmation. Roland Barthes - The Neutral

The problem is not how to stop the flow of items and surfaces in order to stabilize space, but how to articulate the politics of their passage. Every culture is the terrible gush of its splendid out ward forms… Lisa Robertson - Spatial Synthetics: A Theory

To write through an uncertain body, to write memories of an/other body that has been cut off from its orgins and desires, demands that a writer experiment with multiple languages and syntaxes. Every sentence potentially a joy, written in amazement before turning or refusing to turn the corner. The ‘I’ becomes a foreigner in his mother’s native tongue.. And he is homeless. As Transient movement, this dislocated ‘I’ falters and slowly begins to drift.. There, in the becoming of this other sex, the narrator’s language turns wild.. Doug Rice - Delirious, always becoming

I experience how necessary it is for me to enter into the cloud and to admit the coincidence of opposites, above all capacity of reason, and to seek there the truth where impossibility confronts me… Nicholas of Cusa - De visione Dei

“Can they suffer?” amounts to asking “Can they not be able?” And what of this inability [impouvoir]? What of the vulnerability felt on the basis of this inability? What is this nonpower at the heart of power? What is its quality or modality? How should one take it into account? What right should be accorded it? To what extent does it concern us? Being able to suffer is no longer a power; it is a possibility without power,, a possibility of the impossible. Jacques Derrida - The Animal That Therefore I Am

Its also this:: I’m not entirely unbound because I am in union with everything. Moreover one person is everything. It’s not heavy to carry because it simply isn’t carried: it is everything. It seems to me that for the first time I’m knowing about things. My impression is that I only don’t go more towards things to not surpass myself. I have a certain fear of myself..�This is the word of someone who cannot. I direct nothing. Not even my own words: But it’s not sad: it’s happy humility. I, who live sideways, am to your left as you come in. And the world trembles within me.. Clarice Lispector - Agua Viva

The Soul: Ah, how sweet is this changing by which I am changed into the thing that I love better than I love myself! And I am so changed that I have there in lost my name for the sake of loving.. Marguerite Porete - The Mirror of the Simple Souls Who Are Annihilated and Remain Only in Will and Desire of Love