Myth, Music and Electricity – A concert with visual artists at Herkulessaal

Monica Bonvicini, Angela Bulloch, Nina Canell & Robin Watkins, Annika Larsson, Susan Philipsz, PPKK (Schönfeld & Scoufaras), Karin Sander & Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, invited by Augustin Maurs

  • 19:00 - 23:00 Uhr
  • 29.11.2017
  • Herkulessaal der Residenz

In 1953 and after damages from the second world war, the former throne hall of Ludwig I of Bavaria at the Residenz was transformed into a concert hall. 

It was not only the historical significance but the exceptional acoustics of its architecture (Rudolf Esterer), that the “Hall of Hercules” became one of the Munich’s most exquisite venues for classical music performances. Its name relates to the series of monumental tapestries depicting the notorious Hercules’ Labours, which cover the inner walls of the hall. 

‚Myth, Music and Electricity‘ is an event focused on musical and ephemeral works by artists invited by Augustin Maurs for artgeneve. For the night of November 29th, the event adopts the figure of Hercules as a transgressive force between the immortal and the human, myth and reality and, within Maurs’ series, between art and music. Although the Herkulessaal usually hosts orchestra and chamber music ensembles, this event will focus on electric instruments and sounds. The artists are invited to create works that will only be audile or visible for the time of the event, that is, for a duration of a few hours.

‚Myth, Music & Electricity‘ offers different temporalities of form, sound and colour while being driven by the primary question: can a creative act be purely visual or purely sonic? The array of customs and categories tied to the notions of art and music sometimes conceals underlying junctions. The very standard of music shaped by the bourgeois habitus has forged the alienation of concert halls within cities, but certainly also influenced the way dislocated understanding from contemporary music from traditional forms of instrumental arrangements. 

Playing with the status and the sociability of this place, ‚Myth, Music & Electricity‘ wishes to generate interstices for different approaches of producing and receiving sound. Rather than aiming towards a somewhat appointed “interdisciplinarity”, this particular concert upcoming Wednesday answers the vital need of being undisciplined within the discipline - drawing again upon Hercules’s shattering powers - and of re-thinking the relation of historical places to contemporary life in the cities.

Concert 8 pm
Doors 7 pm
Admission: 8 /12 €