Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 – Flaka Haliti & Markus Miessen

Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 / Game Changers

Viktualienmarkt gets a new stand. On top of the local cafes, gourmand stands, souvenirs, tourists and biergardens, Viktualienmarkt hosts a pavilion designed by Flaka Haliti and Markus Miessen as the only permanent PAM venue, an information and documentation centre, a rupture in the everyday life of the market. PAM Pavilion is a space that gives lasting physical embodiment to the cultures of assembly and welcomes all PAM visitors—not just a specialized public. It is a place to engage in everyday activities like relaxing between appointments, checking emails over coffee, and having chance encounters. On several occasions the Pavilion becomes additionally home to SALVAVITA, an unusual Aperitivo bar.

In their search for potential sites, Haliti and Miessen concentrated on seemingly difficult locations that addressed issues of public, post-public, and private space. In particular, they investigated places that question the ‘rule by Nobody’ (Hannah Arendt’s view of bureaucracy). The design of the Pavilion should be understood as a moment of rupture in the fabric of the Viktualienmarkt. For Haliti and Miessen, the Viktualienmarkt embodies Munich’s charm and Munich’s problems: This central historical landmark provides a setting where the lives of locals, tourists, and businesses overlap but, at the same time, everything is overpriced, too crowded and too jovial. The Pavilion creates a different logic, a different economy and changes the rules of the game, shifting from fine cuisine to fine art.