Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 – Anders Eiebakke - Munich Dove - a drone performance

Public Art Munich - PAM 2018 / Game Changers

Above the clouds, there appear to be no boundaries. However, the sky is already watched over by drones that can be guided remotely – and not only towards war zones. It is common for these flying robots to film demonstrators, and they will soon deliver packages too.

The artist Anders Eiebakke has been working with drones for more than ten years. For PAM he is building a filming quadcopter drone disguised as a dove. All the necessary components are cheap and readily accessible and his design is available in the public domain. Footage from the drone is augmented with 360° panoramas and videos that the public can view on smartphones, tablets, PCs, or VR glasses. The artist releases Munich dove over Theresienwiese, creating an interaction with the events that took place there on November 7, 1918, with the Bavaria statue acting as an eyewitness.

Thanks to the Munich dove, we also become witnesses to the revolution 100 years ago. The prelude to this revolution was a peace demonstration at Theresienwiese organized by the labor movement. The plan of the reformist leaders to keep the masses under control turned out to be illusory. A small group of the USPD succeeded in persuading the soldiers in the Munich barracks to support their side. The following day Kurt Eisner declared the Provisional National Council: the monarchy had been overthrown and democracy established. Eiebakke believes that through a close relationship with drones, we can understand where and how to look and we can empower ourselves not only in relation to technology and the future, but also to the past.